Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Pumpkin Fun

I wish I could purchase every new squash, gourd or pumpkin variety I come across, but sadly I would have more than I know what to do with each year. But thank goodness for camera! I hunt pumpkin varieties in the Autumn months with a passion. My eyes are always scanning for possible roadside stands, garden centers or markets with interesting Autumnal displays.

Here's few we found this year.

The Wolf Pumpkin is known for it's extra large, woody stem. The Wolf is a large, orange, Jack-O-Lantern shaped pumpkin.

This variety is either Full Moon or Polar Bear. Most likely Full Moon due to it's slight yellowish tint to the skin.

Without a doubt, these are White Boer Pumpkins. The boer variety has a flat shape, slanted top and white flesh.
Turban Squash is one of the most beautiful and interesting varieties. The stacked sections are separated by an obvious belt and the variety of color and patterns make this a fun one to display or eat.

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