Monday, October 19, 2015

The Ellis Barn Dance

Zach and I observed our 6th wedding anniversary a week late so that we could celebrate at the Ellis Barn Dance in Davisburg Mi. The Ellis Barn was built in 1884 and it's design is described as Madaswaska Twin or "Double Dutch. It is one of Michigan's largest barns. For more on the history and construction of the Ellis Barn click here. 

We had such a wonderful time! The barn created the most warm and welcoming atmosphere. It was lit with strands of Christmas lights and antique bulb sets. The kind that are round and screw into the strand. The soft lighting against the deep brown rustic beams of the barn made you feel as though you'd stepped back in time.

The barn was decorated with traditional harvest themes. Cornstalk bunches hugged supporting bean and corner posts, the tables were adorned with tea lights in mason jars, trios of knobby gourds and jars of colored pencils to doodle on the brown construction paper table coverings. Bales of straw with potted mums, pumpkins and barrels of apples were tucked here and there.

Zach and I chose a seat in a cozy corner of the barn. There was a wooden ladder leading up to a loft behind us, and a small window looking out over the park grounds.

The food was provided by The Union Woodshop in Clarkston. Their bar-b-que menu has been featured on the popular Food Network Program Diners Drive Ins and Dives. We enjoyed a meal of pulled pork sandwiches, roasted chicken wings, Union Mac n Cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread muffins with jalapenos and honey butter. For dessert they offered a choice of Achatz Pies, triple berry or apple and a cookie selection.

With your ticket purchase you received a drink token which was good for one alcoholic drink. They offered a selection of local wines and draft beers to choose from. There was limitless iced tea and lemon water.

The dancing was the best part of the evening. Neither Zach nor I have ever line danced so we were interested to try our luck with the lessons promised. After dinner, they called all the people who were new to line dancing to the floor. I was afraid we might be the only ones, but soon the dance floor was filled to the brim! We were given instructions to two simple dances and then the music started. Everyone laughed at their mistakes, but for the most part the line dance went smoothly, and everyone had a great time! After the first two dances there was a time for open dancing. We joined a small group doing The Hustle, and then later they taught the second two dances.

We had a great time, met some really nice people and plan on going again next year! 

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