Friday, November 27, 2015

Saving Seeds

Even when the earth is brown and dry, when the fruit of the lush green summer is molded and black, the garden still has treasures, and something to give back.

Seed saving for these easy plants is nothing profound. It's simply a matter of picking the dried seed pods, extracting the seeds and storing them in a cool dry place until spring. Above are vine dried Scarlett Runner Beans.

Inside the homely shell is a beautiful black and lavender bean, that can be reconstituted and added to recipes that call for dried beans. I'm saving them for seeds for next year.

I didn't plant a lot of Okra this year, we ran out of bed space and time. What I did plant, got away from me and the okra pods grew large and woody. At that point, they are best left for seed collection.

Some radish seed pods.

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