Friday, January 15, 2016

Huckleberry The Softest Goat There Ever Was, Video!

Huckleberry was our wonderful mistake goat. He is the result of our Angora buck who blasted through the fence to get to our Nubian that was in heat. Huck is the result of their union and we couldn't be happier. In the world of mixed breed fiber goats, his fleece would be considered a B-C type. It has cashmere properties and will most likely comb out in the spring away from the guard hairs. This will be a dream to spin! Type A is more like the Mohair we shear from our Angora goats. All the wool is usable and can be sheared like a sheep. There are no guard hairs.

Because he is half fiber goat, we decided not to dehorn him when he was young. Fiber goats need their horns because they act as an "air conditioner" for the goat in hot temperatures.

We love Huck and hope you enjoy this video we put together about him. 

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KathyB said...

I love your video about Huck!

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