Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Magnet Chalkboard Spice Tins

This system of spice tins is one of my favorite things right now. Have you ever had something, whether you bought it, or made it, that just really changes the way you do something for the better? I love to cook, but rifling through our top drawer of our pantry, looking for spices was always something that drove me crazy. The spice jars were too little to be sharing the same space as large bottles of olive oil, vinegars and other random things. They'd get knocked over and lost among the rubble.

These tins have solved that problem for me and I love it. I also find myself using more of a variety of herbs in our meals because I see them, and think..."hmmm, that would be a good addition."

These tins are being stored on the side of our refrigerator, a space that otherwise wouldn't hold much of anything. I'm not a big fan of tons of stuff on my fridge, it gives me anxiety...that's the anal retentive side of me coming out. The magnets we do have are uniform and well thought out. We have magnet poetry on the front, which is alphabetized, and is uniformly black and white. We also have a few acorn and bee magnets which fit our personality.

These tins pass the refrigerator test because they are all uniform and create organization in themselves.

I have them alphabetized so that I can always find the spice I'm looking for, and putting them away after a meal is a snap...I just look for the empty spots. The 8 oz. tin holds a lot of spice. Which is nice for when I dehydrate home grown herbs in large quantities.

They can be re-arranged to allow for new spices, for example I just started cooking with savory for the first time. I simply made a "savory" tin and fit it in alphabetically.

The chalkboard labels can be wiped with a damp cloth and re-labeled.

Here is where you can order the supplies:

8 oz metal tins
2.5" chalkboard labels
chalkboard marker
3"round magnets

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