Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo Friday

It's been a busy week for us. We built a new manger for the goats with a shelf to catch fallen hay. Once hay hits the ground they won't eat it. We also reinforced the structure in every way we could so it will last. It holds a whole bale of hay, and then some so it's convenient and doesn't have to be filled everyday. A bale lasts the goats a few days. Now that we've seen this one in action, we're going to build two more for the fiber goats and the boys. 

Stacey came over the other day and we made a batch of soap. Lemon Balm, Lavender and Tea Tree. It is so creamy and luxurious!

We also dehydrated a bunch of garlic to make seasoning blends. I had pulled our seed garlic last fall and planted a new variety. The basket of garlic cloves was sitting in the backroom, so we decided to put it to good use.

We found that a great way to "shell" a lot of garlic at once is to rub the cloves between two Silpat sheets. It works similarly to those rubber garlic rollers but on a larger scale.

Zach got me a mushroom farm for Valentines Day. I'll show progress as it comes along.

And the girls are laying again! It's so nice to have a supply of fresh eggs coming in from the coop!

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