Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Year of the Chicken: Collecting Hatching Eggs

I'm starting a new series over at Community Chickens called Year of the Chicken where I follow the life of a chicken from egg to laying hen. The posts will be listed in chronological order here on the Year of the Chicken Page, for your reference.  I hope to include videos and daily updates on the Facebook Page.

In this first post, I discuss Collecting Hatching Eggs. It includes information on how to tell when a hen is laying fertilized eggs, how to store eggs before placing in the incubator and much, much more.

To follow the series, be sure to subscribe to the Iron Oak Farm blog by entering your e-mail in the box at the upper right of this page. You can also subscribe to our Facebook Page and You Tube Channel, which will be featuring updates throughout the year. 

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