Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet Abrahm

Introducing the newest member of the Iron Oak Family... Meet Abrahm, our new Nubian herd sire. He is one of the most beautiful goats I've ever seen. His markings are gorgeous and I'm so excited to breed him with our girls. We narrowed our herd last year and sold many of our goats so that we can concentrate on just Nubians and Angoras. I'm really happy with the four dairy does that we have now.

I'd like a buck that we can keep as our all time guy, but our girls keep giving us such beautiful kids that we end up keeping them. Then our resident buck is related to everyone.

I like the idea of keeping our own buck because I'm not a fan of introducing new goats to our herd each spring, as you would when you "rent" a buck to come inseminate your girls. Especially a buck that travels to many farms providing stud service. I worry about introducing new diseases with this practice.

As for his name, he came to us named "Chicken" because he has a chicken shaped white spot on his side, which I thought was cute. But I thought this name might get confusing when I write about our goats so we changed it to Abrahm. We already had a kid named Abrahm, but we sold him when he was tiny. We still liked the name so we went with it again.

Right now we are bottle feeding him. It took him a couple tries to get the hang of things but now he is searching out the bottle and finding the nipple with very little help.

We brought him home on Sunday and the temperatures were freezing. He doesn't have a mamma to keep him warm, so he's spent the last couple days in the house, in a crate. I think today he will make his transition to the barn.

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