Friday, July 8, 2016

Crochet Baby Afghan, Bonnet and Booties

My cousins brought home their first little girl a few weeks ago. I couldn't be happier for them. I'm also happy because our little girl due in October and theirs will be close in age. The girls will surely play together at family parties and event.

I decided I wanted to make the new baby something and finally decided on this afghan/throw. The pattern can be found at Jayda In Stitches Crochet Baby Blanket- Easy Fan Stitch Pattern. The stitch pattern was very easy and alternated a 5 double crochet fan stitch with a double crochet "V" stitch.

I did alter the pattern where the border is concerned and changed the size. I started with more stitches in my initial chain because I was going to use a finer yarn and hook. The pattern calls for a starting chain divisible by 8 then add 5. So I started with 101 stitch chain.

8 x 12 = 96
96 + 5 = 101

I used 100% acrylic Bernat Baby Sport Yarn 350g skein in the color Baby Pink
and a size G/6 4.25mm crochet hook.

This was enough yarn for the entire blanket, the booties and the bonnet. I have a small ball left over.

The finished blanket was 70 rows. This gave me a nice size rectangle. The finished blanket is about 3ft. by 4 ft.

Once the blanket was done, I decided I wanted to weave a 1/4 " white satin ribbon through the pink blanket. So for the border I did a row of double crochet stitches all the way around. About 3 double crochet fit nicely in the half fan ends, and about two fit in the "V" stitch end. So I kept this going. For the corners I chose the stitch closest to the exact corner and did three double crochet, chain 1, three double crochet to turn the edge.

After the double crochet round, I did a round of 5 double crochet fan stitches. Skipping three stitches between sets. This gives the blanket a scalloped edge which is super feminine, and a place to weave the ribbon.

The ribbon is woven through every two stitches.

I had a ton of yarn left over so I decided to make a pair of these ballet slipper booties by Wooly Wonders Crochet. I added ribbon again to cinch up the decorative treble crochet detail in the front.

Then I made this little bonnet with a similar fan stitch look. I used the white ribbon again around the neck, and added a decorative bow on each side. The pattern can be found at Bag-O-Day Crochet and More. 

I also found this beautiful box at Michael's Craft Store to "wrap" it. She might find a use for it to store baby items.


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