Saturday, March 4, 2017

Visiting Wolf Park Indianna

Most of you have probably already seen these photos on our Facebook page, but as this blog is a sort of journal to our lives I wanted to make sure I included a post about visiting this amazing sanctuary!

Zach gifted me with the most amazing early birthday present! I've wanted to visit Wolf Park, Indiana since I was in High School and I finally got to go yesterday! It was incredible! It's a wolf sanctuary that is home to both Grey and Timber wolves that have been deemed unfit to re-enter the wild. It is also home to Coyotes, Grey Fox, Red Fox and Bison. Such an amazing educational experience! I will be sharing some of my favorite photos from the day.

Later in the evening we attended Howl Night where we got to hear and see the wolves and coyotes howl. It was eerily beautiful.

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I too have heard a lot about wolf part Indiana and am looking forward to going there once in awhile. Let's hope it turns out to be great. Thanks for the reminder.

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