Afternoon with a Goat

When we first started out with goats we read countless books, articles and magazines on how to care for them. We spent hours reading web pages and watching you-tube videos trying to learn everything we could to prepare for the care and health of our first small herd. But what I would have given for some hands on experience! For a warm body that I could direct some questions at!

Many of our readers must be feeling this same way because I have been flooded with e-mails from local folks asking if they could visit our farm and watch us milk our goats!

My husband Zach and I have been raising goats since 2009. We raise Angora fiber goats and Nubian and Alpine dairy goats. And while I have no veterinary experience, training or schooling I would love to share with you what we do here on our farm.

Afternoon With a Goat 
I have 8 spots total, if there is further interest, I would be willing to hold another class. 
$15 holds your spot (please e-mail me at for address to send check, $15 total per person)
from Noon to 3:00
Sunday, May19th
Fenton, Michigan

Overview of the Day
Light refreshments and meet and greet
Care of our milking equipment
What equipment we use to milk and how we clean it
Meet our goats and the 2013 babies! 
On the stanchion
The basic needs of our goats
The balance of hay and grain
The delicate rumen: How we use baking soda, electrolytes and probiotics when necessary 
Hoof trimming demonstration
Our worming regimen
Udder care
Hands on milking (each of you will get a turn)
Demonstration of how to use a CMT Kit (California Mastitis Test) and what the results mean for goats
How we handle the milk in the kitchen: filtering, storage etc.

I will have a list of useful links and supply locations printed out for each of you along with an overview of what was covered in the workshop to take home. 

Unfortunately, because of current laws regarding raw milk and dairy you will not be able to purchase or taste any of the milk. I will also ask that you sign a waver before we head out to the barn that you understand that this is a working farm and while our goats are well behaved, that any injuries that may occur on our property are not the fault of Jennifer or Zach Sartell. That you also understand that proper hygiene must be used when dealing with farm animals. Parents are responsible for underage children. That we are not veterinarians of any kind and that this is an observing workshop of what we do with our animals. Any instructions learned are left to the individual attendee's discretion if it is an appropriate practice for their animals. Always check with a veterinarian.

Any questions e-mail me at


Hillside Happy Hens said...

Gosh, I think that you are two extraordinary people to do this. Wish I lived closer. Farm On!
And, good luck!

krex said...

Just got my fiber and it's amazing.I so wish I lived close enough to come visit the farm . The goats at the fiber festival I go to, are always the friendliest animals.Wishing you luck on the new venture, seems like a great idea to me .

Jennifer Sartell said...

Hillside Happy Hens, aw thank you! i think it will be a fun day!

Krex, Oh, I'm so glad you like it! Yes goats are amazing animals. So much personality!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come, but I will be at a shearing seminar. Maybe you will have enough interest to have another class!
Mulberry Row Farm

Ann said...

I would love to be able to come too, but that weekend doesn't work. Are you interested in possibly having another class this summer?

Jennifer Sartell said...

Diane and Ann
Yes! I am going to look over my calendar and put together another class :)

Pat Fraser said...

what milk stand do you think is the best. how high should they be? i sure wish i lived close to you. at 64 i learn from you every time i read you. thank you...pat

Doula Coach said...

Jennifer, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! How about writing a book about caring for goats? I'd especially like to see a book about raising & caring for fiber goats.

Come on... you have SO much free time! LOL! No, really you have more to share than you know!

I am a midwife, so i know much about human birth but not much about goat husbandry. :)


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