Monday, June 7, 2010

Creekfest 2010

Creekfest was this past Saturday and we had a blast! (except for the heat and the sun and the hot forge) This is an overall photo of our booth and area. Zach demonstrated his blacksmithing on the propane forge and I did carding and spinning demonstrations. We were right by the Old Mill and School house, which was completely appropriate to the dress and time period we were going for.

We sold Mohair, Angora and baskets, candles and blacksmithing items. I also brought some examples of my custom, pastel portrait work. This year Zach made spikes with a loop at the top so we could string a rope so people wouldn't get too close to the forge. It worked out nice.

The theme this year was Self-Sustainable living, and we met so many wonderful people who, like us, are enthusiastic about the movement. One particular group does something called green mapping, this is their mission statement, "With unique global icons and adaptable tools, Green Map System has engaged communities worldwide in mapping green living, nature and cultural resources since 1995. Green Maps chart a sustainable future! Explore and get involved." Zach and I signed up and are going to get on the map as soon as we are open to the public. It looks like a great rescource to find fun and educational things to do. For more information visit
Along with the green living theme there were many vendors selling homemade goodies, a fantastic animal show, an insect man who took bugs, tadpoles and all sorts of creatures from the creek and put them in shallow pools where people could learn about the animals that live in their creek. And not to forget Cooks ice cream, which for those of you not familiar to the area they have the best hard serve ice cream around. They are a self contained dairy farm that sells butter, milk, ice cream and occasionally baby cows! You can see and pet the cows that made your Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. See the "Fun Stuff and Good Reads" page for their address.

They also had the Old Mill open for tours and they had a Pet Parade where I fell in love with this beautiful 3 month old lamb. It is a Merino cross, so cute!!
Zach also came upon an opportunity to help the Ortonville Historical Society build a replica of the Blacksmith Shop that used to stand next ot the Mill. We also might have another demonstrating opportunity June 19th. in White Lake, Exciting stuff!

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