Friday, June 4, 2010

Fiery Friday, Buying Metal Work, Creekfest Reminder

Just a reminder that Creekfest is tomarrow in downtown Ortonville. Check the Up-Coming events page for more details. Iron Oaks Farm will be by the Historic Ortonville School House. Can't wait to see you there!

Something to consider when buying metal work:

I have seen a great deal of forged items being passed off as Wrought Iron that is in fact just steel. Wrought Iron was a blacksmiths medium up until about 70+ years ago when it was more cost effective to produce steel instead. Steel is a combination of wrought iron and carbon. The carbon in steel strengthens it and produces a product quite different than wrought iron. These days wrought iron is only found as scrap that was produced many years ago. Wrought iron actually has a grain similar to a wood grain and can hold up to the elements better than plain carbon steel. For this reason many artists seek out wrought iron to use in outdoor applications and to be as authentic as possible in historic recreations. To many people the difference of using real Wrought Iron and using plain carbon steel does not matter, but it is good to know that there is a difference and to know what you are really buying. So the next time you see "Wrought Iron", be aware that it is most likely carbon steel that can be purchased at any steel yard.

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