Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mary Jane's Farm Local Chapter

Hi All,
I got the Mary Jane's Farm packet, I feel like Ralphie with his Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder, "Drink your Ovaltine" We got bumper stickers, and Membership Certificates. I still need to read through all of the idea suggestions, and I will post them.  If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share. I'm not sure where everyone is coming from and I'd like to make sure everybody gets something from the group. Some thing's I've come up with... cheesemaking, canning, candle making, sharing recipes, knitting ideas, sewing projects (aprons), basket weaving. We could also do some spinning, dyeing, carding, chicken keeping etc. Just let me know. Also when does everyone want to start, how often etc. I also want to open this group up to the husband and boyfriends, even though it's a "farmgirl" group my brother is interested in joining, and Zach will be involved. All are welcome. Make sure you sign up through the actual website because Mary Jane is sending free stuff, magazine issues etc. to the people who register. The sign up is

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Camille said...

Awesome!! I am so excited about this! I love all of your ideas for fun stuff! I could also contribute stuff like making your own natural/herbal products (shampoo, soap, skin care products, bath salts, lip gloss, etc.), making herbal tinctures, herbal baths, tea blends and stuff like that! I was just gonna ask you about yarn. Do you sell your yarn? I wanted to teach the girls how to dye yarn/fabric with local wildcrafted plants and crochet a scarf for winter. I'd love to have yarn with great energy! :) I bet my bro might be interested in the group, too.

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