Monday, July 19, 2010

The Oakland County 4 H Fair

The hot summer sun blazes down and quickly turns green June grass a familiar July brown, with fireworks displays still in our minds, fresh from the 4th of July. The faint smell of manure, Carney food, and sweet cotton candy run up the nostrils and play a game of tag between reminiscence and the soul, it's Fair Time in Davisburg, Mi! Upon arriving, the Ferris wheel reaches high above the trees like a giant ancient dinosaur with the Spin-Go-Round closely next to it, creating a collapsible skyline and reaches up and pulls at every persons heartstrings who was ever a sticky faced kid, who ever ran around getting dust under their flip-flopped feet, whose ever breathed the sweet coconut smell of sun screen lathered across their back and was so excited to go, that they couldn't wait for the whiteness to be rubbed in. You can hear the anxious reving of engines from The Figure Eight Race or the Demolition Derby, or the ker-putter, ker-putter of the tractors in the Tractor Pull. This is the fair!

I've been going to the 4-H Fair for about 20 years now, and never missed a fair, that I can remember, (and believe you-me I'd probably remember). These hot summer days hold many memories and cherished tradition. This week I'd like to share with you glimpses of the fair, concentrating mostly on the "farming aspects." I'd like to take each day and show images from the different barns and displays.

Today we will be visiting the Rabbit Barn. There are hundreds of rabbits show each year here are a few that caught my eye.

When we arrived on Tuesday, opening day, we were lucky enough to view some of the rabbit judging. I was thankful to see the Angora Group. A beautiful, fluffy White angora took the Blue Ribbon over another White, and a large Grey.

This was a German Lop, I'd never seen a rabbit like this. This is a very large rabbit and it's mannerisms were almost Hare-like. It's ears were so long that it walked on them as it moved across the table. It was slinky and animated and it's profile was somewhat human. It's fur was shiny and velvety and moved across the animals body like a silky cloud.

This is a Satin? I think?

I believe this is a young Japanese or Magpie Harlequin??, It's name was Sushi! Any rabbit experts out there, feel free to give suggestions.

 What can I say? My favorite, like Darby.

Don't live here? Find some Orbitz coupons and enjoy the down-home fun.

Beats Beets and Eats Reminder:
Iron Oaks Farm has been invited to sponser an upcoming event. The Ortonville DDA presents Beats, Beets, & Eats. "The Unconventional Farmers Market" The evnts range every Friday night 6pm - 9pm starting June 18th - September 3rd at Crossman Park, Downtown Ortonville, Mi
The nights include free kids acitivities, arts and craft, live music, 50/50 raffles, local produce, and dinner from local vendors.
Each night has a different theme and we are sponsering "Sustainable Living Night" July 23rd. Come check it out!!
June 18 Art Contest/ MacPhee's
June 25 Kids Night/ Papa Bella's
July 2 Community Outreach/ OUMC
July 9 Desert Angel Packing/ OUMC
July 16 Bike Night/ DDA
July 23 Sustainable Living/ OUMC (Iron Oak Forge)
July 30 Classic Car/ Kids Night/ OUMC
August 6 Quilt Show
August 13 Pet Night
August 20 Kids Night/ Papa Bella's
August 27 Garden Exchange/ OUMC
Sept 3 Photo Contest/ OUMC

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