Thursday, July 1, 2010

Orchard Images, The Simple Beauty of Peas

Quoted from the lyrics of the great Ed Robertson, "Anything plain can be lovely."

We visited Blakes Orchard this past weekend to pick cherries, but unfortunately, a late frost wiped out the tender blossoms and the delicious fruit was only available for purchase inside the market. Sugar snap peas were in season, so we headed to the fields in the ole' Jeep Cherokee and picked 5 containers of the sweetest vegetable I know.

There is a simple beauty about peas. The curling fingers of the slender tendrills that grasp at anything that take the plant higher towards the sunlight. The powdery greenness that coats the entire plant until you crack open that familiar pod to reveal the shiny round peas, like little emerald jewels plump and delicious.

The flowers have a face like a little Dutch lady wearing a crisp white bonnet. Fair and delicate.

The picking went rather fast because the peas were abundant, so we took some time soaking in the beautiful orchard around us. Over the next few posts I'd like to share some of those images with you. To find more information about Blakes Orchard please visit the Fun Stuff and Good Reads page.

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Liz said...

The pictures are Beautiful! And you write like a poet!

Zach and Jennifer Sartell said...

That is an amazing compliment coming from the best photographer I know. Thank you.

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