Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Wednesday, Red Fox

Last year Zach and I went to the East Coast for our honeymoon in October. One of the places we visited was the Cog Railroad. The Cog Railroad is in New Hampshire and is the most direct route up Mt Washington. It climbs the side of the mountain at a 30 degree angle. Mt Washington is the highest mountian in the northeast. It was 65 degrees at the bottom of the mountian, and 28 degrees at the top, with a foot of snow! For more information on the Cog see the link below. One day I'll write a post with more details about the trip.

As we were leaving the parking lot we encountered a wild Red Fox. Zach pulled off the side of the road and I snapped these images.

All the images that appear on the Iron Oak Farm Blog were taken by Jennifer or Zach Sartell unless otherwise noted, and are for sale. Please contact us at for more details.

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