Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 4 H Fair Continued, The Horse Barn and Other Goodies

The horse barn and the surrounding area is almost a separate fair, all to itself. Here is where you can meander through the peaceful wooden stalls and hear the soft rumble and faint whinnies of the horses. This barn has a certain magic to it. With a swish of the tail and a firm, warm breath through the gate and a longing wells up in my chest. Oh, to have a horse...someday.

This is the show ring where they have the competitions. This is Dressage, which as I understand is a type of English riding. The 4 H also has Western competitions with barrel racing etc.

Another big part of the fair is the Tractors. They are there by the tons. Every variety of Farmall and John Deer. One night during the fair week, there is a tractor pull.

There are also delicious vendors that sell Bar-B-Que and smoked goodies or more traditional Carnie fare, like corn dogs, cotton candy, and snow cones. Here is Zach tapping out an old fashioned Birch Beer into the authentic tin cup. Birch Beer is a soda that tastes like a cross between wintergreen and Root Beer. It's very common out East.

To tie up the end of the fair, there are also amazing displays. This sheep is made from phones and phone cords. Ingenious! There is also vegetable growing contests and craft displays.

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