Monday, August 2, 2010

Raspberry Picking with Joshua

Raspberries are my favorite fruit. When I was a kid growing up in the woods I would pick wild raspberries or blackberries and carry them in my shirt tails. The sweet juice would of course stain whatever clothes I had on and I was known to have a large brownish purple spots on more than one summer t-shirt. But who cares when your picking one of summers sweetest jewels. We would sprinkle sugar on them sometimes and eat them on our cereal or with yogurt and salty roasted sunflower seeds.

Since we've discovered Blakes Orchard it's like being in a candy store. I no longer have to stain my clothes or risk the dreaded poison ivy that always seems to grow underfoot wherever there are wild raspberries. There are acres and acres of the delicious canes filled to the brim with plump red raspberries.

Last year my nephew Joshua came with us. He learned that you only pick the berries that come off easily. He did a great job and picked two containers all by himself. Then we came home and made raspberry preserves, which are wonderful on anything toast, ice cream, club crackers with cream cheese, but my favorite is in walnut dipped thumbprint cookies. They're like a shortbread with toasted walnuts and you make an imprint with your thumb, then fill it with raspberry preserves. -Delicious!

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