Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dorritos Comercial

Sort of off topic, and not very farm related, but my brother Wayne Murphy is owner and operator of Filmwerx Creative and is a Director of Photography. He has filmed many amazing commercials and movies in his career,  including ads for Hockeytown, Jeep and Little Ceasars, to name a few. He's also made some great movie shorts like "Life" and the touching "Worth it All" which tells the story of missionaries who were killed while serving in South America.
One of his greatest, was the movie Street Boss starring, Robert Gallo as Tony Giacalone, available to rent at Red Box and Blockbuster. It's a gangster movie about the Flint Mafia.
His latest endeavor is a commercial for Dorritos Chips. He has entered his hilarious clip into the Crash the Superbowl contest in hopes of winning, but he needs our help. Please visit the Crash the Superbowl website to view his video, The Last Bag Standing feel free to click each day, comment and participate as much as you can. If you'd like, you can copy the link and forward it to all your friends. He is truly talented and deserving of this opportunity. It would be so cool if he could win! Thanks so much. 

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