Monday, November 29, 2010

November Farm Meet'n, Making Natural Lipsticks, Glosses and Balms

I know I keep saying this, but November was an awesome meeting, for so many reasons! First off, making your own lip products ROCKS! Thanks to my dear friend Camille who headed this meeting and generously shared the magic of homemade, natural lip sticks, glosses and balms. I think I can speak for everyone, in that, we all felt like kids in a candy store.

Camille is "owner operator of Autumn Moon Aesthetics, a holistic skin care practice incorporating natural products and alternative techniques, including aromatherapy, Reiki and crystal therapy." She is also a licensed aesthetician and skin care therapist, not to mention a wonderful teacher who brought optimism to everything she shared with us!

We each made a tube and a tin pot of her delicious Autumn Orange Spice Lip Butter. It is incredible! Visit Camille's site for the recipe and other natural, holiday gift ideas at Skin Care for Your Soul.

Check out the cool vintage tin slider pots! Adorable!

We also got to blend mineral colors and all natural scented oil to make our own lip gloss or lipstick. So cool!!

We even got o mold our lipstick in authentic lipstick molds and put our products in real cosmetic containers.
I used a pepper and cinnamon oil that also acts as a natural lip plumper, and named my lip stick "The Balcksmith's Mistress". There is a funny story about Zach, that goes along with this...he, he. (No~ he doesn't wear lipstick, it's not that funny of a story.) Zach LOVES pepper, fresh cracked pepper! Like a ridiculous amount of pepper. He loves pepper so much that he carries a miniature pepper grinder in his pocket so that when we go out to eat he can crack pepper on his meal, I mean, this guy likes pepper. So in choosing the oil for my lipstick, needless to say, the pepper oil was looking attractive. 

We also had 3 new members join the group, Michelle Langefeld, Dianne Jarois and Shannon Cole. (well, Shannon actually joined a long time ago, but hasn't been able to make it to any meetings because she is becoming a brilliant History Teacher, and is a great mom devoted to her kids, love you Shannon!) I welcome all the new members and hope you continue to come and share.

Camille also came up with a great idea, in the theme of being thankful, for each of the members to bring a homemade treat to share and an extra to go to Haven, a facility that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Camille brought the bag over on Monday (don't worry Liz I didn't give away the beautiful basket you gave me) Everyone got to go home with collection of goodies, each one expressing the talents and generosity of a great group of skilled women.

Did I forget anything? It was such a great meeting I feel like I could go on for days. Oh yeah, Zach wants to let the guys know that when us girls are in the house doing "girly things" that he welcomes you to blacksmith with an open forge. Just bring safety goggles. (more for my sanity, than your safety...Ha!)


Camille said...

I had so much fun with you all and was so impressed with the products you created! Can't wait to see you all again in December! Going to be cracking up about Zach and his mini pepper mill all day!!!

aradhana said...

wow! gr8 ideas from where you got all material and mold?
thanks ash

Jennifer Sartell said...

To find out more about the materials and molds check out Camille's awesome blog, Skin Care for Your Soul. There's a link in the right hand column (under the Graphics Fairy button), or at the end of the third paragraph in this post. She has some really cool suppliers and if you have any questions she's wonderfully helpful, just shoot her an e-mail or a comment.

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