Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Handspun and Hand dyed Roving and Yarn for Sale

Forest Floor
Just wanted to let you know that now everyone can have a piece of Knit and Purl, Wallace and Grommet. I finally have my hand spun, hand dyed yarn and roving up for sale. Click on any image in the "Farm Products" section (top right column) and it will take you to our shop.

This roving is a blend of 3rd shearing mohair and angora from our own goats and rabbits. It is extremely soft. It is commercially processed at a local, family owned mill, and hand spun and dyed by me using acid dyes. 
Clover Blossoms in the Mist
Penny in the Water

We also have all natural, un-dyed roving for sale as well.

Check back often, as I hope to be adding more and more every day or so.
Clover Blossoms in the Mist


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