Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild Wednesday, Phototrap Model 33 Kit

Got a passion for wildlife photography and about $500? I came across this contraption while searching for screech owl breeding times. So Cool!!! You strap it to a tree or nearby area where you'd expect to see some wildlife action, and it snaps the photos using an infra trigger system. Check out this site to view the amazing images one photographer caught. Phototrap Model 33

On a similar note, I'm trying to figure out if the owl that lives in our wood duck house is nesting. I keep seeing feathers at the opening, and I'm not sure if she's preparing a nest, or if it's the remains of a bird victim that the owl had for dinner, or if it's a molting type thing. I've read that owls are opportunist nesters, they don't necessarily prepare a nest, but use an area that another bird has created. No pellets either~

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