Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the Air, First Mated Pair

Ahhh, love, sigh!
In honor of the year's most romantic day, I thought I would show you the romance we have brewing in the barn. This is our first mated pair of the season. We're waiting a couple of weeks to cleanse her of any cross mating. She was with our little Bantam Cochin, and while he's half her size, and, ahem, not very good at getting the job done, (he falls off) I don't want to take any chances and end up with mutts.
Our rooster is one of the friendliest roosters and very gentle. I fall deeper in love with the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte breed more and more each day. But he is quite gallant with his new wife, and backs her into the corner and stands in front of her each time I go in the barn. Chivalry is alive and well in the chicken world! 


Camille said...

Awww! What a cute couple!

Zach said...

They are very friendly indeed. I can't wait to hatch some more.

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