Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wild Wednesday, Sea Bird Mystery

I was searching through my photo archives looking for an interesting "Wild Wednesday" topic, when I came across these photos that I took on a trip to Saugatuck, a small artsy village off the coast of Lake Michigan. The photo was taken on June 1st of 2007. I was flipping through my bird identification book, Field Guide to the Birds of North America, National Geographic edition, just to make sure that my guess of Sandpipers was correct. But no, Sandpipers have yellow legs! After searching the entire book and several sites on line, there are no birds in the Michigan area like these. I posted these photos on the Cornell Ornithology forum asking for advise. Unfortunately, their readers are also stumped. One lady posted that they are Dunlins, and I think she is correct. They look exactly like a Dunlin, however, Dunlins are nowhere near the Michigan area. If any of you have some bird savvy knowledge up your sleeve, and want to indulge, I welcome any input. I love a good mystery!

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