Thursday, February 3, 2011

Projects, Sarah's Strawberry Apron

My 2 year old niece loves Strawberry Shortcake. Which is dear to my heart because when I was her age I loved Strawberry Shortcake too.

This is the cake I made her for her birthday.

She also loves to "cook" in her play house and make us plastic chicken dinners and ice water tea. She got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and Aunt Jen decided that little Sarah needed some kitchen essentials.

I made her this strawberry half apron from some scrap material we had lying around. I love working from scraps because if I don't have enough of one material to make an entire project, I piece bits together, and somehow it's more satisfying and the finished project ends up a bit more interesting.

The button for the eyelet flower was from my grandmother's button collection, which would be Sarah's great grandmother. It's probably around 80 years old.

Every girl needs oven mitts and pot holders. I had some left over quilted fabric from a heat pad cover I made for my Mother-in-Law.

I also had some strawberry oil, so I made this scented sachet for her clothes drawers.

Here she is with Uncle Zach trying out her apron and oven mitt making ice cream. 


skipthelaundry said...

oooh great pics, love the cake, apron, and the sachet was a good idea

Camille said...

This looks like the best birthday ever!!!

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