Friday, May 6, 2011

Lavender Updates

 We have a new addition to the family and activities in the barn are buzzing. This little guy emerged last night and is all dry and pert and perky today, getting his first glimpses of the world.
It's so natural and so perfectly right to see them hatch out chicks for themselves, and it works! And why shouldn't it? They've been doing it this way for hundreds/thousands of years without humidifiers, and incubators, thermostats and thermometers.
The two Lavenders are co-mothering this little one. I picked up the one hen to see the chick, and the other Lavender Mamma scoots it under her wing and vice verse.
They all seem so peaceful and cuddly. From the looks of the coloring, it will most likely be a Coronation like Daddy. See yesterday's post for a photo of the proud father.

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