Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Our neighbor, who is steadily climbing the charts as one of the coolest people I know, took Zach back in his fields yesterday to gather a wheel barrel full of corn! He also gave us three huge bunches of cornstalks.

But not just any corn stalks, their popcorn stalks! It's so cool. You can let them dry and just pop them right off the cob.

He showed us how to tie the large bunches with twine to dry. I thought they looked so pretty I hung a bunch up on our sun porch.

The popcorn has a smooth, round, harder kernel with tiny points on each one.

Feed corn that he also gave us.

Here's the two varieties side by side. The feed corn has the more square kernels with a small dent in each one where it's starting to dry. The Popcorn is shinier and slightly orange in color. I'll let you know how it goes after they dry and we pop one.

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