Monday, October 24, 2011

New Products!

Been so busy, finishing up fall projects, taking advantage of the last few beautiful days here in Michigan before winter starts to blow. It's been hard to find time to get myself in front of the computer to blog, but one good thing is that Zach and I have been in such a creative spirit lately. I have tons of stuff to share, videos, photos, new products that we've been working on, just need to hanker down and post it all. Here are some of our latest creations hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. All of our products are for sale in our Etsy Shop 

Amber Whiskey in Oak Barrels Roving
4 oz hand dyed roving Mohair/Angora blend. Beautiful mix of rusts, deep oranges, chestnut browns and a rosey pink. Perfect for spinning or felting.
Simple Railroad Bottle Opener
Lets the railroad spike speak for itself, this simple design can be personalized easily.
Oak Leaf and Acorn Scarf Pin
Shown here with our own knitted hand spun yarn. Takes an ordinary scarf and makes it extraordinary. Works on any knitted item, scarfs, sweaters, purses, etc. Makes a great gift!
Hand Spun, Hand Dyed Yarn, Rusty Tinsel
Our natural yarn dyed a deep rust, plied with a tinsel string. Looks earthy with a bit of luster.
Hand Spun, Hand Dyed Yarn, Straw Into Gold
Another tinsel yarn this one is in shades of gold and olive, plied with a copper tinsel string.
Mine Spike Twisted Key Chain.
This key chain is made from a recycled mine spike, the hand forged twist makes it a mini piece of art.

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DynastyLab said...

I love the oak leaf scarf pin, this looks great!
Your yarn is amazing!

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