Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheese Please! Beekman 1802 Blaak

It's been a while since I did a cheese post. Our latest treasure is a whole wheel of Beekman 1802 Blaak. We started watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green last winter. We had a terrible case of Spring fever and their quirky television show about goat farming was a welcomed breath of fresh air. Side Note: Why aren't there more TV shows about farming? Now I know why we gave up TV all together...anyway...

I've since read Josh's book The Bucolic Plague, the story of how the boys purchased Beekman Mansion and continuously attempt to turn it into a self sufficient farm.

They own and run a mercantile store front in Sharon Springs, NY where you can find fine soaps, jellies and sauces, hand forged items, and delicate hand stitched pillows and towels. But best of all, their cheese!

Their cheese is sold by the wheel only, and is coated in an ash rind that they rub on by hand. The cheese is made in small batches, which makes it even more quaint and wonderful! It's a delicious blend of 60% goat and 40% cow. But don't count on ordering a wheel and serving on this weekend's cheese platter. Blaak is in such high demand that I was put on a waiting list and e-mailed when our wheel was ready. But it was WELL worth the wait.

It has great texture and flavor, has a mild goat taste but is still tangy and delicious. I thought that the ash rind would give it a smoked taste but the flavor is very mild.
We also ordered a jar of their Blaak Onion Jam which is so unique! It is blended with a balsamic vinegar (reduction I think) and would be great on a pork roast, (in my opinion).

Wish I could give you all a sample!  

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