Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Updates

The garden is really coming along this year, so far, the best garden we've ever had.

I guess sunshine will do that! Everything is so plump and bushy.

I'm used to the woods where everything grew pale green and leggy stretching towards the sun.

Our family came over the other day and we went at the weeds in group mode.

It was an AWESOME help. And the garden looks much more neat and tidy. So far the milk spray has been helping the zucchini with the powdery mildew. The original leaves that had the white spots, still have the spots. But the new leaves are pretty clear. It hasn't spread to any of our other plants.

Zach and I staked the tomatoes, and a couple sunflowers that were leaning.

The cantaloupe and musk melon are blooming.

Watermelon vine heading toward the zucchini.

Baby acorn squash.

A giant heirloom pepper that is almost bigger than the tiny plant it's growing on.

A baby Jack-O-Lantern. Fall is going to be so fun this year!

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