Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vote! For Local Buisiness

Photo provided by Lott Elevator, Inc.
Zach and I went for a drive the other day to check out some local interests we've been meaning to visit since we moved here. Get to know the back roads, so to speak. Among the places we had on our list was an old blacksmith/farrier school that we now learned is closed down, an old cemetery, a chicken processing place, and a bulk spice and jerky store.

The last place we visited was a family owned grain elevator. Lott Elevator Inc. where we met just about the nicest and most helpful folks around. They sell a number of animal feeds, garden supplies, and bulk seeds. They took the time to answer our MANY questions, and were encouraging and thorough.

But they need our help. They have applied for a grant sponsored by Chase and Living Social. This grant would help them to purchase much needed equipment for the elevator and ease some of the burden that a family owned business can involve.

It only takes a minute to give them a hand.
1. Go to login and click "support" 
2. Find "Lott Elevator, Inc. Cohoctah, Mi." in the local listings and vote.
3. Then tell your friends to vote.

They need 250 votes by the end of the month. Your vote will get them closer to qualifying for the $250,000 Grant!

To learn more about Lott Elevator, located in Cohotah, Michigan, visit their Facebook page by clicking here.


Beth S. said...

I drive by there every week when I go get our milk!

Jennifer Sartell said...

Beth, We tried to call the place that (I thought) you got your milk from. But we were never successful in getting in touch with anyone. Maybe I have the name wrong. Where is it again?

Beth S. said...

Dairy Delight:

Kristal Unger
Dairy Delight Cow Boarding, LLC
11341 Killen Rd.
Howell, MI 48855
(517) 546-8091

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