Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday was such a great day! We visited Trim Pines Farm in Grand Blanc, Mi. where we spent the day wandering through all the beautiful pine trees.

What an awesome place, and environmentally friendly too!

I love that the setting is very natural. You feel as though you're in a forest not a farm. The trees grow haphazardly and you are free to wander the natural landscape.

We started the adventure in a horse drawn wagon. Two beautiful Friesian horses (I think, horse people help me out here, Friesians?) brought us out into the pine woods. A cove opened up where there was a small cafe with hot cocoa, warm cider and smores kits. 

They had a small petting farm with this adorable miniature donkey and even a place to take pictures with Santa!

The smoky fire mingled with the evergreen scent as we toasted our marshmallows

and enjoyed a snack before we headed out into the woods on foot,

with the trusty saw in tow.

Trim pines farm has a beautiful assortment of trees to choose from including Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Spruces, Balsams and Concolour,

a lovely tree with long silvery needles that smells citrusy.

While the Concolour seemed interesting,

I was after a fir. I love the soft needles, the deeper color, and the smell.

It's a little early to get a tree,

but ours will be displayed on our enclosed porch which stays rather cold, so the tree should make it through the holiday season.

One of the workers explained that Firs retain their needles the best, but Spruces are sturdier for heavier ornaments. 

After wandering through the woods we found a beautiful specimen. A Noble Fir.

It seemed to call to us... like in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

(I have to admit, we quoted from that movie quite a bit yesterday.)

"You see kids, this is what our four fathers did. They walked out into the woods, they picked out that special tree and they cut it down with their bare hands." ~Clark W. Griswold

Anyway...We hauled the tree back through the woods to the cove where we loaded it onto the wagon, and the horses brought us back to the main entrance area. 

The workers at Trim Pine Farm shook the debris from our tree and wrapped it in twine. 

So we could load it onto the roof of the Jeep.  
It was an awesome day!!! 



Rachy said...

How wonderful, to collect your own tree. I can't wait to get ours!

doglady said...

I always love cutting the tree rather than buying from a lot. A few times I've been able to cut one on my own property.
As long as the farm has had below freezing weather, your tree should last beautifully. Cut the butt again and keep it in water. Anyway, vacuum cleaners smell so good after they've cleaned up the dropped needles.

Camille said...

I have not heard of this place. It sounds amazing! I think we will check it out this year for our tree! :)

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