Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wreath Making

Lately I've been gathering greens to make holiday decorations. To learn more about my sources, read my post Gathering Greens. I have a nice assortment of Blue Spruce, Black Pine, Cedar, Juniper, Frasier Fir, Variegated Holly and Holly with red berries.
Last year I bought a beautiful wreath for our front door at the Orchard down the street from us. I saved the wire wreath frame so I could make something myself this year.

Turns out, wreath making with this type of frame is very easy, and the project comes together rather quickly.

There are 16 pairs of wire teeth around the form. So I made 16 bunches of greens, alternating material each time. Each bunch started with Spruce (because that's what I had the most of) cut about 6 to 7 inches, then I layered Black Pine, Cedar and the red berry Holly. The alternating bunch was Spruce, Frasier Fir, Juniper and the Variegated Holly.

I would hold the bunch in place and simple curl the wire teeth around the bunch with pliers. Each bunch covers the stems and wires of the bunch before.

On the last, you simply lift the first bunch and tuck the last one underneath. I can't decide if it needs a bow...I kinda like it plain and natural...what do you think?


Beth S. said...

Nice job, Jennifer! Your wreath is beautiful! I think a bright red bow would compliment it nicely, but isn't absolutely necessary. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Mary from Oregon said...

Agree with Beth's comment, but each season has it's own character and level of energy...maybe this is the year to focus on nature's simple beauty?

Shannon C said...

Love it! What a festive front porch you must have

CrankyPuppy said...


The Radishgirl Thymes said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this project. It's nice to use what's around the property :)

Katie/Maple Grove said...

What a beautiful wreath! That's wonderful that you have such a variety of greens. I like to see a big red bow on a wreath during the Christmas season. It also looks beautiful plan for post-Christmas. Very nicely done, and thank you for sharing the tutorial! (I love your Merry Christmas masthead on this page too.)

A Daughter of the King said...

I love your wreaths!

pinkroses24 said...

You could sell these they are beautiful. Merry Christmas to your family

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