Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Using the Skeiner

Once you have a bobbin filled with yarn, you can knit or crochet directly from this bobbin. But if you're like me, I spin faster than I knit. I also sell our yarn so I need a way to measure the yardage of each skein and an organized way to store the yarn without tying up all my bobbins.

My favorite way to skein yarn is with my antique skeiner. My Mother-in-Law got this for me a couple Christmas' ago and it works great! It makes counting and skeining a breeze. If you can't find a skeiner like this, you can also use something called a Knitty Knotty, which I'll get into in another post.

To use the skeiner I move the spinning wheel in line with the skeiner.

Then I loosen the tension on the bobbin.

And remove the tension cord.

Then I draw the yarn from the bobbin to the skeiner.

With the skeiner handle in the down position,

I tie a slip knot in the yarn on the closest rung to the spinning wheel.

And then I begin to wind the yarn. Each revolution is 2 yards. I usually spin a medium chunky yarn and I get about 60 to 65 yards from 4oz.

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