Thursday, January 17, 2013

Using the Knitty Knotty

If you don't have a skeiner there is a tool called the Knitty Knotty which helps with measuring yardage and preparing your yarn to skein.

The motion of the Knitty Knotty is shown here.

To begin twinning the yarn, tie a slip knot onto one of the arms with the nubbin. (Nubbin, is probably not the correct name, but you get the idea.)

From the arm with the knot, twine down to the adjacent arm below.

Then up to the adjacent arm above. Then back down, and up again until you reach your starting point.

Repeat, until you run out of yarn. One complete revolution is 2 yards. You can remove the yarn by slipping it off one of the arms without a nubbin.

Check back tomorrow on how to skein the yarn!

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