Monday, August 4, 2014

Around the Farm

The weather is finally starting to warm up...not that I'm complaining about the cool weather, but the heat has prompted the tomatoes to start ripening. It's going slow, we pick about a cup or two of grape and cherry tomatoes each night, and I plucked the first Black Prince last night. The rest are still green and hard.

Here's an update as to what's been going on with us lately.

Some of Zach's latest work. A lovely long stem rose, hand forged from steel.

The pickles are ripening daily. I swear they explode overnight and get massive if we don't stay on top of them. We have the refrigerator pickle brine jar and we continue to add freshly sliced cucumbers to the jar each day.

The zucchini are going crazy as well. I shredded up seven large ones and froze them in 2 cup measurements so I can bake zucchini bread throughout the winter.

Some second planting radishes.

Oliver inspecting a bug in the grass.

 The Queen Anne's Lace is in full glory. A sure sign that Fall is on it's way.

 The Purple Beans are almost ready to pick.

This is my plant experiment in the garden this year. It's called Pumpkin-on-a-Stick. This plant gets purple thorns down it's leaf spines. On the underside too. It's in the eggplant family and produces orange fruit that resemble small pumpkins. I'll share photos when it sets fruit.

Ichabod and Timber deconstructing a loose bale.

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