Monday, August 11, 2014

Tomato Season is Upon Us!

We've been picking cherry and grape tomatoes for a while now, but things in the larger tomato department are still looking pretty green. That is until this weekend! Finding that first red jewel among the green shaggy leaves of the tomato plant brings me back to Christmas mornings as a child. It's as if the clouds open up, a choir sings "aaaaaah", and a golden light focuses on that ripe, juicy redness.

We grew a few new tomato varieties this year, the first being Black Prince which has a lovely deep tomato flavor, a little acidic, not too sweet and a beautiful color. (I'll have to snag a photo of the next one we pick, we ate the first before I could get my hands on a camera.)

The second are these beautiful Indigo Rose.

They start out a deep purple/black color and then ripen into redness. I prematurely thought they were ripe about a month ago because in my experience black tomatoes often start out green then turn black when they are ripe.

These have a mild tomato flavor and are fairly sweet. I think I will grow them again next year because they are very prolific (the vine is LOADED!) and such an interesting color.

We're also picking Romas and Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes. 

In other news, we brought in our first purple bean harvest. This variety is called Amethyst. It's a bush variety and is as beautiful as it is tasty.

We're still bringing in cucumbers on a daily basis and I'm excited to try my hand at red cabbage sauer kraut this year. I have some beauties ready to pick.

What's picking in your garden? 

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doglady said...

Very interesting tomatoes. In my garen, it is Crook Neck, Zuchinni, and buckets of Patty Pan Squash. LOL The Rainbow Chard is plentiful, I'm freezing a quart of broccoli a week, Kale is beautiful, Cukes are hidden but growing, beans are coming nicely and there is a hint of red on many tomatoe vines. Eggplant and peppers are chugging along too. Now if the Brussel Sprouts would do what they should.

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