Friday, August 29, 2014

Learn the Art of Spinning Yarn

I'd like to welcome all of you that have an interest in spinning to participate in a new class that I'm offering here at our farm. Introduction to the Art of Spinning.

When I first started spinning it was a gamble. I thought I would like spinning, I hoped I would like spinning, but there was no real opportunity for me to try it out, to see if it was for me before I made the leap and purchased an expensive spinning wheel.

Luckily I now love spinning and the wheel was well worth the investment, but there were times in the beginning when I thought I would never get the hang of things. I had no one I could pose questions to, I literally didn't know a soul who spun yarn.

After years of practice, gathering tid-bits of information and many, many skeins of yarn later I now know that spinning is something I was made to do and I love it!

I love the whole process; from raising our fiber goats who give us mohair, shearing them each spring and fall, to washing, carding, dyeing and spinning their wool,... it's an incredible, satisfying process.

It's my hope that through offering this spinning class that I can do my part to help spread the Art of Spinning to others, and give this interesting, yet dying skill a chance at a come back.

For more information on the specifics of the class please click the link Learn the Art of Spinning or visit the "Art of Spinning" tab at the top of the blog.  

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