Thursday, September 4, 2014

Freezing Blueberries

Last weekend we had a wonderful time picking blueberries with my mother-in-law. We visited a local orchard and took the hay wagon out to the blue berry patch. The berries were small but delicious! Between the three of us we picked 7-8 pounds of berries, though Mom picked as much as Zach and I put together.

The orchard also had some beautiful grapes
I love blueberries in all sorts of baked goods, in fact I've already made a batch of scones. They were devoured...didn't have a prayer.

But mostly I wanted these berries for smoothies. I enjoy frozen berry smoothies in the morning mixed with almond or raw goat milk, honey, raw goji berries, cacao powder and spinach.

I wanted to have the option of pulling out a handful of frozen berries without having to thaw out the whole bag. So here's what I did.

I washed the blueberries three times in a colander submerged in a bowl of water. I'd dunk and drain the berries, swishing around with my hands. 

Then laid them out on a clean towel to dry.

Then I placed them in a single layer on several cake pans to freeze for about 2-3 hours. When frozen I bagged them up and placed them back in the freezer. This method keeps the berries from freezing together in a solid clump.

For more on our harvest this year check out my video.


cynicalbuddha said...

This method is also good if you want to vac pack some berries for later. Freezing them, then bagging orvac packing makes sure they don't juice everywhere

doglady said...

I don't rinse my blueberries but they are usually wild picked where there is no chance of pesticides. I put them on a cookie sheet, freeze then vac bag. When I purchase them they are already IQF so I just vac bag them.

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