Monday, November 10, 2014

USA Afghan

I've been on a real knitting, crocheting and even weaving kick lately. Usually, my favorite way to work with fiber is to dye or spin it, but lately it's been nice just sitting in the evening with a cup of tea and clicking the needles.

This project stemmed from another (which is often how things go). I was buying yarn for an arm knitted scarf with my mom, when she saw this free afghan pattern by Lion Brand displayed on an end cap. She fell in love and hinted that she would like me to make it for her. 

If you're interested in making this afghan it's a very easy project.

The thick yarn and the large crochet hook make it go very fast. 

There's a few beginner crochet skill you need to know. You need to know how to crochet a chain, half double knit crochet,

how to tie in a new color, weave in your tails and

sew the blocks together. Pretty easy stuff.  For a link to the free pattern visit Lion Brand website.

I changed the pattern slightly by crocheting a cream border around the whole afghan.


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