Friday, February 27, 2015

Maple Syrup Guide

According to the 7 day forecast we could experience day time temperatures above 32 next week! Time to get out the maple taps and the drill! Maple season is coming...I promise it is. So I've collected a bunch of posts, videos and recipes from the past to help you make the most of your Sugar Shack!

Sugar Bush Season
This is a post I wrote for Grit Magazine which takes you through the different processes of Maple syruping. From determining the right temperatures to start, how to identify trees in the winter, drilling, collecting sap, boiling it down, and finishing the syrup.

Tapping the Trees Video
This video discusses the best place to tap the tree. Which side of the tree, where (in relation to the roots and branches) and in which direction.

Old Fashioned Maple Kettle Syrup 
This post is all about collecting and boiling. 

Finishing the Maple Syrup
Here I discuss how to filter the finished syrup and how to determine when the sap has become syrup using simple kitchen items that you probably already have! 

Indian Springs Maple Syrup Demonstration
We take you on a tour of a Maple Syrup Class we took. I discuss some of the history behind maple syruping, some tricks for remembering which trees to tap and other interesting facts. 

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber Tap Maple Trees, or Wait, is it an Oak?
This is a funny story about Zach and my first attempt at tapping a tree.

Maple Syrup Success! 
Our first successful boil using a Red Maple not s Sugar Maple. 

Spring Creeping
Come spend a day with us as we sit around the fire waiting for the sap to boil.

Maple Sugar Candies
Use extra or older syrup to make Maple Sugar Candies!

Brandied Vanilla and Maple Creme Brulee
Use your delicious syrup to make this unique custard dessert. 

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