Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Loom Knitted Stocking Hat

Winter is in full force here in Michigan. We got 5 inches of snow last night and the temperatures have been bitter cold.

The secret to staying warm in our climate is to wear a hat. If my head is warm, I can sometimes forego my winter coat altogether and be outside in a heavy sweater or flannel.

My favorite, favorite winter hat is starting to look pretty raggedy. I got it 6 years ago at an underwear store of all places. Aerie by American Eagle. And the faux fur is getting matted and it's just dingy all around. I'll still use it to work in, but I wanted a nice warm hat to wear out running errands etc.

I saw this pattern on You Tube over at Easy Me World. She has an easy-to-follow video that explains step by step the loom knitting process and the pattern for this hat.

I did change things up from her example. I made my hat on my 41 peg round loom because I wanted it nice and loose fitting.

I also did the brim 24 rows wide for a 12 row folded brim.

The yarn I used was Big Twist brand the 100% acrylic Chunky Yarn #271012 in colors:

Chunky Cloud White #12001
Chunky Dove #12003

I am in love with this yarn! I believe it is exclusive to JoAnn Fabric, but it might be available online. It's a super soft yarn with a clean nap and has substantial weight. I doubled the yarn for this project and I still have more than half of each skein left.

In the video, she suggests using one skein of each color and pulling from the inside and the outside of the skein. I've tried this several times and I always end up knotting up the skein so I bought two of each color. If you can successfully use her technique, then 1 skein of each color will be plenty for this project.

To make the pom pom I used my 36 peg loom and wrapped it around the front and back, then tied it in the same way she describes in the video.

The whole project knitted up very quickly and I love the resulting hat!


Sandra Morris said...

Love the hat! My sister using those looms and has made some cute hats.
stay warm!

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I loved the hat omggg. SO pretty and beautiful. It was simple yet so nice. Thank you post this! Do share more posts like these. I love this.

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