Friday, February 3, 2017

Lavender Logo...Feedback?

Hi all! For those of you who don't know, Zach and I are opening a U-Pick Lavender Farm summer of 2018. I've been working on the Misty Meadow Lavender Logo and I would love your feedback! I'll take you along the process of designing it so you can see what's involved and maybe you all could give me some suggestions.

 This is the finished logo. I knew I wanted a circle in keeping with the Iron Oak Farm logo, so both brands would be reminiscent of each other.
I see Iron Oak Farm as more of a rustic...salt-of-the-earth brand, but I wanted the lavender logo to be more crisp, clean and Spring-like.

I started in Photoshop with the most basic shapes of each lavender bud. I shaded them and added some detail.

Lavender Bud Side View

With Blossom

Bud Direct View

Blossom Direct View

Some leaves

A stem...

Now shrink it all down and put it together...

A completed stem.

Now the building process. In many ways it was like creating a real lavender wreath.

The finished wreath.

I'm still working on some font ideas. I like the structured, classic look of Times Roman, but I was also thinking of a softer cursive font, even just for the word "Lavender". Maybe with an extended tail on the "L". I'm also deciding between color for the font. I like the green, in that it stands out from the lavender, but I'm also playing around with lavender color.

Let me know what you think.

And visit the Misty Meadow Lavender Facebook Page.


pinkroses24 said...

I like font you chose. Don't get too flowery. Too hard to read. Nice job Jennifer

Karen C. said...

I also like the font you is immediately easy to read. The cursive font in the ad to the right is also very easy to read. Font colors? Wow, tough one! At first I was all about the green for the same reason you posted, but the lavender color is very soft. The logo is so pretty! Love it!

Danielle Thompson said...

Lovely! Purple is my favorite and I like it with the green. Maybe some green accents on the purple font somehow would bring it all together. Have fun!

KathyB said...

It's gorgeous as it is, but I'm also wondering how it would look with a cursive font. Maybe it would give it a more delicate, old-fashioned look?

mama said...

U-Pick Lavender sounds exciting! Where are you located? Good luck with your venture!

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