Friday, October 15, 2010

Farm Meeting, Fiber and Knitting Night

We had our 3rd Farm Meeting last night and it was a beautiful evening. It was quiet, peaceful and cozy. We all sat around the fire with warm spiced cider, delicious autumn flavored cookies, and tea. We laughed and told stories all the while the faint clicking of knitting needles was keeping our hands busy.

Stacey made wholesome oatmeal cookies with dried cherries and macadamia nuts,

Camille made decadent pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, Kathy brought delicious biscotti to dip in our tea and my mom, Shawnie and I made almond frosted decorated sugar cookies.

We spent the night sharing, teaching, and learning. Camille took to the needles at lightning speed. She did fabulous! When I learned to knit, my first attempt looked like a stick full of knots. I was dropping stitches and adding stitches and the knitting was so tight that I had to strain to move the yarn. She did great, her rows were perfectly even, she'll have a scarf in no time.

Stacey also did a great job, she's knitted before but needed a refresher. She picked a yarn that was beautiful! It was a chunky oatmeal color and with the large needles it made for a really hardy project.

We also had an expert with us, Kathy, my mother-in-law is a beautiful knitter and crocheter, she taught me to knit and I hope one day I can do as beautiful work as she does. To see an example of her work check out the January 30th 2010 post, Learning to Knit. That beautiful crocheted quilt is her handiwork.

She mostly worked with my mom, but provided instructions that were very helpful to everyone. Maybe now that everyone has a better handle on the basics, we can start looking through her large collection of patterns.

We also used the carders and took the spinning wheel for a ride.

Everyone gave it a go. It was a great night shared with kindred spirits and creativity.

I'd also like to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts I received. I was blessed with many surprises and I love each and everyone of them. Kathy made me knitted washcloths with a twisted pattern throughout.

Camille gave me these adorable canisters with ceramic chicken lids in red! The color I want to do my kitchen, how did she know?

And Stacey embroidered me this adorable flour sack towel, and brought me an amazing wool scarf all the way from Ireland at the Avoca Woolen Mill. Maybe she can do a guest blog on her trip to Ireland? Hint Hint. I was one lucky girl last night, thank you all again for a wonderful evening.


Camille said...

My kitchen is red! LOL!

Zach and Jennifer Sartell said...

Are you serious? At this point I'm not even surprised!

Anonymous said...

I should've brought more of Camille's pumpkins bars home they are sooo addicting!


Zach and Jennifer Sartell said...

Yes Camille, I think we might need the recipe for those. Although your cherry cookies were fantastic as well.

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