Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Tricks, Just Treats! Contests Galore!

Today's a great day on the farm because.....I get to give things away to you our readers, who make it all worth while!
Yesterday was the last day for two of the three contests we're running.

Congratulations to Lacey Wilhelm of Garrison, ND! She is the winner of the Purina 60 Day See The Difference Flip Camera Sweepstakes! Lacey won with her great photo and testimony of how Purina Feed improved her Nigerian Dwarf Goat KKK-Katy.

"I was excited to hear about the Purina 60 day challenge and quickly signed up for a chance to achieve quality improvement in our animals.  I am on week 3 of the challenge and have seen amazing results with the Purina Goat Noble and Purina Goat Chow with my Nigerian Dwarf Goats!  One little goat in particular, KKK-Katy, has shown amazing improvements with her sparkling bright blue eyes, increased energy level, and healthy growth rate. I am extremely happy with the Purina Difference and so our my goats!"

Lacey won this awesome Flip Video camera, the very same model that I use to film many of the Iron Oak Farm videos. (Check out out the video bar or You Tube Page) 

The other winners of the day are Brian and Karen Cooper of Kaboodle Farm located in Clark, MO. Congratulations on growing the largest pumpkin in the Pumpkin Contest this year! 

They will receive one of Zach's hand forged bottle openers.

Don't feel sad if you didn't win, we still have the Facebook "Like" goal contest going on. When we get to 200 likes we'll giveaway a prize! 
Thanks to everyone who participated! 

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